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wood fence company flower mound txAffordable Fence Company – Award-Winning Fence Company | Looking for a reliable and experienced fence installation company in Little Elm, TX?

Wood Fence Company Little Elm TX – Nu Fence Installations is a locally owned and operated company with a 5-star reputation for high-quality work. We offer a wide variety of fence styles to choose from, including vinyl, wood, chain-link, and aluminum. We are also fully licensed and insured Forth Worth fence company serving the Dallas metroplex DFW areas.

Why choose Nu Fence Installations for your wood fence installation in Little Elm, TX?

1) We offer a variety of wood fence options to fit your budget and preferences, including Premium Treated Pickets (PTP), Japanese Cedar, and Western Red Cedar.

2) We have decades of experience in the fence industry and are committed to delivering long-lasting, visually appealing, and unique wood fences that enhance your property’s appearance while ensuring privacy and security.

3) Our skilled team is committed to providing excellent customer service from start to finish.

Here are some of the benefits of board-on-board fences:

1) Enhanced privacy: Board-on-board fences eliminate visible gaps, providing complete privacy for your outdoor space.

2) Aesthetically pleasing: Board-on-board fences add elegance to your property with their clean lines and uniform appearance.

3) Value and resale appeal: Board-on-board fences can boost your property value and curb appeal. Potential buyers appreciate the privacy and aesthetics they offer, making them a desirable feature.

Wood Types We Use for Building: Cedar vs. Pine

Cedar and pine are two of the most popular choices for building fences. But which wood is right for you? Here is a comparison of the two woods to help you decide:


– Pros:

1) Highly durable: Cedar wood resists decay and rot, ensuring a long-lasting fence.

2) Strong and stable: Cedar is stronger and more stable than pine, reducing the risk of warping or twisting.

3) Insect resistance: Cedar naturally repels insects, providing added protection against damage.

4) Appealing appearance: Cedar has a beautiful warm, reddish-brown color and a smooth grain.

– Cons:

1) Higher cost compared to pine.



  1. More affordable than cedar.
  2. Easy to work with.


  1. Less durability than cedar: Pine wood is more prone to decay and rot, requiring regular maintenance.
  2. Less stability than cedar: Pine wood is more likely to warp or twist over time.
  3. More susceptible to insect damage: Pine wood is not as naturally resistant to insects as cedar.
  4. Less attractive appearance: Pine wood has an uneven grain and a yellowish hue.

Which wood should you choose for your fence?

If you are looking for a long-lasting, durable fence that is resistant to decay, rot, and
insects, then cedar is the best choice. However, cedar is also more expensive than pine. If you are on a budget, then pine is a good option. However, pine fences will require more frequent maintenance and are more likely to warp or twist over time.

Dallas Fence Permit Guidelines

A permit is required for fences over 4 feet in the front yard or over 6 feet elsewhere in Little Elm and Fort Worth. The cost is based on the value of the work, with a minimum fee of $100. Building a back-yard fence taller than 9 feet requires a design by a state-registered engineer. It must also meet setback requirements and have board approval.

Other important restrictions include:

  1. Fences are not allowed on easements.
  2. Visibility triangles at streets, alleys, and driveways must be free of fences.
  3. Additional approvals may be required for homes in historical districts.
  4. Barbed wire is permitted at 6 feet or higher and should not trespass property lines.

Enhancing Privacy with Different Wood Fence Styles

Looking for affordable fence repair services in Dallas-Fort Worth, Little Elm Texas? Nu Fence Pros can help you save money while enjoying a beautiful, sturdy fence. Our experts can fix any issue, from broken posts to missing pickets. We’ll provide honest recommendations on whether a repair or new installation is best for your needs. The average cost for wood fence installation is $15 to $30 per linear foot, depending on factors like wood type, fence height and length, installation complexity, and local labor cost.

High-Quality, Durable Wood Fences: Custom-Made in Crockett, Duncan, and McIntosh Styles

Looking for a sturdy wood fence? You’ve come to the right place. Our fences are built to last, with posts securely set in concrete and boards carefully nailed with rust-resistant, galvanized ring shank nails. Our customized construction ensures the longevity of your wood fence. Duncan’s stockade side-by-side style offers privacy without overlap, while McIntosh’s shadowbox style provides some privacy along with visibility and less wind resistance. While wood fencing may not be as durable as vinyl or aluminum, proper maintenance can significantly extend its lifespan. We recommend staining and sealing your wood fence to protect it from weathering and fading. Choose from our standard wood fence styles or opt for a custom design that complements your home. Get in touch with our sales team today to request a quote. Experience the timeless beauty and enduring quality of our custom wood fences.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wood Fences

Q. Which is the better choice for a fence, pine or cedar?

When it comes to longevity and durability, cedar is the superior choice. Unlike pine, cedar does not require special treatments and is less likely to warp or shrink.

Q. How long does it take to install a wooden fence?

We typically complete a wood fence installation within 1-2 days for small yards and up to 3 days for larger areas. However, our team works efficiently to streamline the process. The total installation time may vary based on factors such as project complexity, weather conditions, and site accessibility.

Q. How long should fence wood dry before staining?

For optimal results, it is recommended to wait 1-2 months before staining a wood fence. This allows the wood to acclimate to local conditions and reach the ideal moisture level for staining and sealing. Applying stain too soon can promote mold growth and rot.

Q. What is the cost of installing a wood fence?

The cost of installing a wood fence typically ranges from $27 to $68 per foot, depending on factors such as the length of the fence, its height, and the materials used. Please contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific preferences.

Maximize the lifespan of your wood fence with these maintenance tips.

Regular cleaning and inspection can help your wood fence last longer. Use a gentle pressure washer and mild soap to remove dirt and mold. Avoid high-pressure cleaning or focusing on one area. Let the fence dry completely before applying a weather-repelling sealant or stain. Choose Nu materials like galvanized ring shank nails to prevent rusting and wood separation. Periodically check for damage or loose fasteners. Properly dispose of treated wood by taking it to a landfill or burning it in an appropriate facility. Avoid burning fence wood in open fires, fireplaces, or residential boilers.

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