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Wood Fence Installation Cost in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Wood Fence Installation Cost in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Wood Fence Prices Dallas DFW Frisco-Plano- McKinney
and Fort Worth Metroplex

A Few Things we believe You Need to Know When Hiring The Right Dallas Wood Fence Pros. Professionals. Project Cost Guides. Homeowners in DWF could pay an average of $ $2,813 or more to set up a wood fence installation in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, Plano between $1,674 and $4,019. Wood fences price per linear foot $17 to $45. averages Lumber from $7 to $15 per foot, during labor range from $10 to $30 for each foot. Most men and women account for the cost of the posts, pickets, and railings, but they could fail to consider the additional expense of gates, hardware, and paint or stain. Pick a neighborhood, professional fence builder to give you an accurate quotation and make sure you end up with the right stuff for a fence that will last. Dallas team of contractors do gate, stonework installations, and Based in Fort Worth. We employ local fence contractors with decorative inserts, black vinyl-coated chain-link fences, and decorative iron gates. Contact NuFence gate installation company at 800-289-8057.

Pine, Cedar, & Cypress Fencing

Pine, cedar, and cypress are standard options. Cypress and cedar cost about $2 to $3 per 6-foot picket, while pine ranges in quality and costs between $1 plus $5 per 6-foot picket. Because of how the materials themselves disagree, some builders recommend using pine for the fence posts and cedar for the pickets to maximize general durability and durability decay-resistant pine works better from the floor. In contrast, cedar is more immune to the effects of sun and rain. Since cedar is typically twice as expensive as walnut, walnut articles can differentiate from the job budget without compromising quality.

Western Red Cedar Fencing

At a $6 to $8 per 6-foot picket price, western red cedar is also an excellent, mid-priced resistant to weather damage, moisture, and corrosion. This wood weathers naturally with no need for stain. More costly than other choices in $8 per 6-foot picket, redwood is attractive. Stain or seal it to preserve the color and beauty of the natural wood before installation.

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Dark Locust

Black locust timber averages between $5 and $10 a 6-foot picket plus is a hardy wood. Many Texas horse owners use it for paddocks and fencing round training rings as it takes very little maintenance. Apart from a fading of the color with time, the composite material will typically last 20 years or longer. Artificial, composite fencing includes recycled plastics and wood fibers, making it durable, flexible, and environmentally friendly. Most manufacturers even arrive with warranties.

How much is a wooden fence installation?

In Dallas, a Wooden Fence runs around $9 per foot in Fort Worth, Texas, for a four-foot wood fence and about $15 per foot for a Dallas Fort Worth six-foot privacy fence. Wrought Iron and Ornamental Steel are the most expensive when it comes to fence cost. You could expect to pay from $20 to $30 per foot if you choose to go this route.

Dallas Average Labor Cost to Install or Build a New Wood Fence

No matter which type of timber you decide on, you’ll need to factor in labor cost for installation. The average Texas labor cost to install a wood fence will operate between $17 and $45 per fence’s linear foot. Gates will also be priced separately per gate. The type of fence you require and the fence layout you choose will determine the exact labor price. A 4 to 6-foot tall Dallas privacy fence typically costs between $27 and $60 per linear foot total, including labor. Based on the kind of wood you select and the sort of structure you need, materials alone could range from $1 to $15 per linear foot.

Full privacy fences feature boards without space in between, forbidding physical and visual access to your lawn. In semi-private Dallas fencing, boards have spaces in between them, permitting some visual access. Depending on timber type, construction height, and options, materials alone cost between $3 and $30 per linear foot. The exact price depends on variables such as the topography of this land; also called ranch-style or post-and-rail, two to four railing split rail fence costs roughly $12 to $30 per linear foot, including installation and materials. Typically, Materials run between $4 and $12 per linear foot.

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Though a professional quote will probably be all-inclusive, a DIY project will require the following tools, materials, and equipment:


The height of this construction also affects project expenditures because shorter structures cost less than taller ones. The difference between 8-foot and 6-foot pine fences’ popular heights for privacy structures varies from a few pennies per individual picket and post too much depending on the fence’s length and the material you choose. Expect to spend an extra 20% to 30% total on lumber to get a taller fence. Gates’s price $200 to $600 based on substance and complexity to construct or Dallas installs.

Generally, Dallas DFW gate prices start at about 25% more than just one panel of the same material. A well-placed gate may considerably improve visual appeal. Our standard Fence in Fort Worth includes 6″ pickets with a top trim, but we offer 3″ pickets, dog-ear style for a slightly lower cost. Before installing the pickets, if you need a new privacy fence built at your home in Plano, or if you need a beautiful automatic driveway gate built in Frisco, we are here to help.

Lattice & Other Designs

Latticework, post caps, and toppers are popular add-on things to provide fences more individuality and flair. Of these options, fence panels with latticework will be the costliest. But they add height and style. It is not uncommon for lattice functions to double the price per panel. Usually, the more complex the design, the more expensive the meeting will be. Lattice toppers will also be available as an alternate to pre-assembled panels.

Horse or Farm Fencing

Horse fencing prices average between $2 and $20 per linear foot for substances alone. Farmers typically install split rail fences into farms and pastures. When home livestock, homeowners may wish to consider installing an electric fence to stop animals from escaping. Installing a wood fence in Dallas is a physically demanding job requiring two people with various skillsets, from pouring concrete to stringing line to using complex power tools. In most cases, the typical homeowner won’t have the equipment to do the job. Hiring a fencing professional can help save you time and money in the long term.

Wooden Fencing Costs Per Foot Fencing Prices Per Foot – Compare Top Fort Worth Pros

Top DFW Fencing Company – 0% Financing Expect to cover $7 to $15 per linear foot for the timber to construct a fence. Once you select your fence height and style, the most significant cost factor will be the kind of wood you choose. An expert builder will provide the wood along with any necessary pieces or equipment. Pros can usually buy materials for under a homeowner since they have bulk discounts available to homeowners don’t—6 ft Tall, Pine Dog-Eared Pickets.

Dallas Fence Experts: Wood Fences Dallas Fort Worth, TX

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Wood is one of the fencing materials most commonly used, and it can last quite a while if it’s treated and preserved correctly. Fences made from treated cedar, pine, redwood; our data shows that the average wood fence to Install a Fence: $1,755 – $4,766 project costs about $3,000. Naturally, the actual cost depends on how big your needs to be and the quality Install a Barbed Wire Fence: $1,733 – $6,466 Install a Vinyl or PVC Fence: $2,774 – $6,302 Install a Chain Link Fence: $1,500 – $2,780 resistant to water, but you may have to seal it, so it does not rot. Or warp.

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