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Fence Privacy is your right

Fence Privacy is your right

Fence Privacy is your right.

5 Wooden fences will keep your property safe and secure.

It doesn’t matter where you live; privacy is essential to property security. There are many styles and options for wood privacy fences. Get a fence installed by trusted local pros. We look forward to serving your fence here at Faith Family Fences. For a quote, please contact us at 800-289-8057. We can help you achieve your home privacy goals with our custom-made wood fencing options. Here are some options for a wooden fence to keep prying eyes away:

Glass Wall Fences

Call 800-289-8057 | An elegant and virtually maintenance-free system that provides beauty with unobstructed views.

Bamboo Fences

Beautiful and strong! Bamboo is an inexpensive and renewable resource that makes an excellent choice in fence material.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is a lower-cost fence and is great for containment purposes. Many options can be installed with a chain link fence, such as vinyl coating and privacy inserts.


Stockade privacy fencing is a classic option. This Fence is made with wooden boards with pointed edges at its top, deterring climbers. Stockade fences are wood panels that run vertically and are tightly connected.

Solid board

Faith Family Fences custom-makes solid board privacy fences. This fencing option is made from solid Western Red Cedar and has a tight fit with minimal gaps. This Fence is perfect for properties that have a pool or an outdoor spa.


A shadowbox is the best choice for semi-private fencing. A shadowbox fence looks solid but can see alternating pickets and get into the yard. This wooden Fence is popular with those who need privacy but don’t want to be isolated from neighbors. The shadowbox is beautiful from the outside and inside.

Tongue & Groove

Our tongue and groove design is one of the most robust red cedar options. It doesn’t matter what side of the Fence it is on; it will always look the same everywhere. This Fence is trendy because of its durability and attractive design.

Horizontal Fencing

A fence can enhance the property’s aesthetic appeal. Horizontal fencing is a more modern and popular option. To add privacy, horizontal pickets can be installed close together.

Best Rate – Dallas & Fort Worth Balcony & Deck Repair

NU FENCE Best Price – Dallas & Fort Worth Balcony & Deck Repair is a local business based in Dallas & Fort Worth County. Best-Rate offers services, including Wood Damage Repairs and Structural Improvements, New Builds, and other types of Property Maintenance Repairs. We are highly respected for our ability to finish jobs quickly and efficiently and to pay attention to every detail. Best-Rate knows that it can be challenging to find a reliable and trustworthy repair company. We will earn the remaining 99% of your trust if you give us just 1%.

Our Commitment

We are proud to be able to call our office staff home and show them the systems we have built. These systems ensure that every job is completed quickly and efficiently in the office and field. It is built on core values like Do what you say you will do, Project Ownership, and Education. We also have Property Respect, Consistency, and Stand behind Results. While we are big enough to handle large jobs, our company is small enough to provide personalized service. Our company communicates well with our customers and internally.

Our priority is to provide a safe, structurally sound home that you and your family can enjoy for many years. Our customers are our friends for life. We stand behind our quality commitment and excellent customer service with a 48% referral ratio.

Dallas & Fort Worth Balcony & Deck Repair Company – High Quality Service at a Great Rate

We strive to provide the highest quality service possible at a reasonable price. Our team has decades of experience and is well-trained. You won’t find better wood damage repair services. We can repair wood damage at a fraction of the cost and maintain structural integrity thanks to our creative thinking. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project!


Selling your home can be stressful. A Wood Destroying Organism section 1 clearance is only part of the process. Our estimators at Best Rate – Dallas & Fort Worth Balcony & Deck Repair know how to read and comprehend a WDO report. They also know the customers need to get a section 1 clearance for their homes.

Our Best Rate approach is what makes us stand out from other companies. Is built on core values like Do what you say you will do, Project Ownership, and Education. We also have Property Respect, Consistency, Consistency, and Stand behind Results. All repaired wood must be primed or painted to match the existing color on six (6) sides before it can be installed. This helps to protect the wood against fungus growth and termites. Although it may seem like a minor detail, this can make a big difference in the wood’s longevity. Our 10 Point Clean-Up is another example of the Best Rate method. Each crew must complete our 10 Point Clean-up at the end of each day before they leave a job. We want to leave your client’s property cleaner than before we arrived. We will schedule you for a complimentary Dallas & Fort Worth Real Estate Repair estimate.

Real Estate Renovation Program

We offer home renovation services at NU Fence Best Rate – Dallas & Fort Worth Balcony & Deck Repair Company. You may be a realtor and have clients who need repairs or rehabs before they are put on the market. Our home remodeling program will give you the competitive edge you need to sell fast and profitably. Our process can help you get your client’s home ready to be listed or to conduct a pre-listing inspection. The Best Rate will handle all rehabs agreed to.

A Pre-Listing Inspection will make your sale easy and quick. Pre-Inspection allows you to address the issues quickly. It gives buyers a positive impression and may increase their offer. This eliminates the need to make conditional offers and resolves any issues regarding maintenance or repair items. Best Rate funds all renovations. When you close escrow, we get paid.

If you are planning a new commercial development or you want to upgrade existing fencing call 800-289-8057. You can also send us an email at