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The nufence good neighbor's guide to fencing etiquette

The nufence good neighbor’s guide to fencing etiquette

The nufence good neighbor’s guide to fencing etiquette

However, good fences can make good neighbors. But it takes careful planning and friendly communication. Before scheduling a new fencing installation, Bergen County homeowners should review local ordinances and homeowner’s association rules.

Verify your property lines.

It will save you a lot of time and money if your property lines are not as you expected. To eliminate doubts about your property boundaries, you can hire a surveyor. Ask the surveyor for stakes to be placed along the property line to better visualize your plans.

Invite your neighbor over for coffee.

Even if it is not required, it is courteous to notify your neighbor about the fence. Have a cup of coffee with your neighbor and have a pleasant conversation. Tell your neighbor you would like to build a fence to protect your pets, keep your children from running off, and enhance the enjoyment of your yard. You might ask your neighbor for plans and pictures of similar fences. Ask your neighbor about the fence’s exact location.

Make a compromise.

Your neighbor may have a different opinion. Talking with your neighbor about your fence plans before you start to fight may help you avoid conflicts. If you have to compromise, it is possible to make both your families happy.

Work with your neighbor.

Sometimes, homeowners may be surprised that neighbors are also considering installing a fence. The families can share one fence. Choose a material and style you both like. The neighbor may be able to help you split the cost of your new fence.

Select a fence that has identical sides.

Some fences have one side finished and one less finished, while others have both sides finished. Even if you don’t want to collaborate on the project with your neighbor, it is common to look at the positive side. If you disagree, choose a style that finishes on both sides.


A DFW aluminum fence can be functional and beautiful, making it an attractive investment for homeowners. How do you know which type of pool fence is best for your property? Aluminum fences can be strong, attractive, and versatile. They are also easy to maintain and will last a lifetime. You can use your aluminum pool fence to protect your pool and improve the appearance of your yard.

It is essential to consider your needs before looking for a fence. You can then focus on the details later. An aluminum fence might be the best option for small children or pets who need to be kept out of the pool area. It would help if you chose a high enough fence to keep your pets from jumping over it. The bars should be close together so that animals and children can’t squeeze between them. Consider your yard to determine the best design for you.


Chain-link fencing has been an affordable and versatile option to vinyl, wooden or ornamental fencing for a long time. Many styles, colors, and privacy options can be added to a traditional metal chain-link fence. If you’re looking for fencing in Elm, Prosper, or Frisco, Texas, consider chain-link among your fencing options.

Durability Chain Link

Chain link, once known as hurricane fencing due to its ability to withstand powerful winds, is the most robust and most durable type of fencing. Its construction gives the fencing its stability: A woven pattern made of galvanized steel wire is attached and cemented to steel posts that are deep in the ground.

Chain Link Styles

Vinyl coated chain link fencing can be purchased in several colors, including black and green. Vinyl coating gives your fence a beautiful aesthetic and protects it from the elements. It also increases its durability. Galvanized chain links fences are the best choice if you prefer the look of traditional chain link. You have an additional level of security against intrusions with barbed wire chain-link fencing.

Privacy Options

If you care about privacy and wish to keep passers-by out of your yard, you can opt for privacy fencing. Privacy panels are not only designed to hide the look of chain link fencing, but they can also block light and create windbreaks. They are also available in weatherproof fabrics.

Chain Link Fencing Cost

Chain link fences are much easier to install than any other type of fence and therefore cost less. Numerous DFW fencing contractors offer free estimates for fence installation based on the size of your property. The cost of chain link fencing varies depending on what type and how large it is. Other factors that impact the price include the gauge of the fence and whether you have gates.