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Why Do I Need a Retaining Wall

Why Do I Need a Retaining Wall

Why Do I Need a Retaining Wall

Why Do I Need a Retaining Wall?

Brick retaining walls are an excellent feature for your DFW home. They provide several significant benefits and can turn a plain yard into a beautiful and exciting space. Your landscape designer in Dallas may recommend retaining walls for aesthetics or a particular function around a paved patio. As you are designing your new outdoor space, here are some thoughts about why you may want to have retaining walls installed and the benefits that they bring around to your outdoor wood and brick patio covered room.

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Erosion Control

This is probably the most important but least exciting reason to install a retaining wall on your property. Steep slopes on your property can erode over time as water from rain, snow, and irrigation pass over them. This is especially problematic for shaded slopes or under trees in places where vegetation doesn’t grow as readily. This erosion over time can cause problems to your landscape and may eventually require extensive repairs. Installing a retaining wall allows you to level out your steep slopes and create a solid barrier for holding back soil that may move.

Create More Space

If your yard has steep slopes, you may find that you don’t have as much space for a lawn, a pool, or a patio. If this is your situation, retaining walls are the perfect answer. A well-built retaining wall using prefabricated modular blocks can give you more useable space in your yard. Perhaps it means you can extend your paver patio or add more lawn for your kids or pets to play. A retaining wall can also allow you to add walkways or sidewalks in places that may be hard to access. We recommend prefabricated modular blocks when you are building a retaining wall for more space. These blocks lock together, creating a stable and solid foundation that will last a long time with little necessary maintenance.

Provide Separation

Perhaps you want to create a bit of separation between your lawn and your patio or between your outdoor cook area and swimming pool. Retaining walls can provide this separation, using matching materials that tie all of your outdoor living spaces together. These retaining walls don’t have to be functionless, however. Your retaining walls can include small planters, pedestals for planter pots, lighting, and built-in seating. If you are looking to add dimension to your outdoor living spaces, retaining walls can give you visual interest combined with functional features.

Raised Gardens

Raised gardens are a great feature for any outdoor living space. They create a space for beautiful flower beds that bring a splash of color to your home’s outdoor areas. Raised gardens are also becoming popular for individuals who want to grow fresh vegetables for their families. Raised gardens made from brick, stone, or prefabricated modular blocks are perfect for gardens because they are robust and low maintenance, and they allow for your beds to drain quickly without causing damage to the walls.

Retaining walls are an excellent feature for any outdoor living space. They are a perfect way to add interest and visual appeal to your home. If you are ready to install retaining walls or are prepared for a completely new outdoor space for your home, Fort Worth, TX. is prepared to help you with all of your hardscape needs. For more information on our services or to schedule a free consultation, call us today.